Burnaby Minor Lacrosse Club

Concussion Baseline Testing

Burnaby Minor Lacrosse Club is pleased to be working with certified athletic therapist Brynn Bicknell and Aspire Sport Therapy to offer our players concussion baseline testing prior to the start of the season.

If an athlete were to become concussed during the season, an Athletic Therapist in conjunction with their Family Physician, can guide an athlete through the gradual progression into activity using this tool to ensure safer return to sport for that athlete.

Each baseline test takes only 15 minutes and costs $25 per athlete (paid online, see attachment).  Each athlete that completes the testing will also receive a $5 voucher towards the purchase of a SISU Mouth Guard (regular price is $29.95).

Aspire Sport Therapy will be performing baseline concussion testing at Copeland Arena in the "activity room" (downstairs lobby) on Saturday April 8th from 1-5pm and on Sunday April 9th from 1-5pm. Please check signs on arrival in case of room change.

Please see attached flyer on how to register and make an appointment for testing. After choosing the link on the flyer, go to the the drop down "Show availability for" and choose "Baseline testing" and it will take you to the appointment times.

This testing is NOT mandatory, it is something we are offering our families to be sure that if a player gets a bump on the head, whether playing lacrosse or doing any other activity, that they are properly assessed and to ensure their safe return to activities.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Athletic Therapist Brynn Bicknell at aspiresporttherapy@gmail.com

Thank you,

BMLC Executive

Baseline Testing Instructions Burnaby