Burnaby Minor Lacrosse Club

"A" Team Coaching Announcement

Burnaby Minor Lacrosse Club is pleased to announce
the A Team coaches for the 2019 season:

Novice A

PeeWee A

Bantam A

Midget A

Head coaches will be adding assistant coaches
to their bench staff for the season

Criminal Record Check

If you intend to coach or manage with the BMLC, you need to ensure that you have had a Criminal Record Check done.

We are members of the new CRRP Applicant Based Online Service.

If you require a CRC to be done please email Coaching Admininstrator to obtain the access code you will need to access the system.

Rule of Two

Click here to read the Rule of Two Policy


All bench personnel (Head Coach/Assistant Coach/Door Personnel) are required to have the proper coaching training for the level they are coaching as well as completing the online workbook prior to the start of the season.

If you are unsure of what level is required for any bench position please click on Bench Coach Level Requirements below to see to the bench diagram.

Bench Coach Level Requirements

For those of you attending coaching clinics please remember to log in with the access code provided prior to attending the session. Also remember to complete the online workbook immediately after the session or you will not be certified.

Please take a lacrosse stick with you to the session.

Please inform the Coaching Administrator, of your entire bench staff so that I can ensure we have a CRC for them, that they are properly trained and that the Form 100 is completed correctly prior to submission to the BCLA.

No coach can be on the bench for provincials if not properly trained - don't wait till the last minute to become trained!

Thank you all for giving your time to the kids!

Affiliated Players Policy for the Burnaby Minor Lacrosse Club

An affiliated player is a player who, at the request of a head coach of a team of a higher division or caliber, has the opportunity to practice with the higher level team and may play as many as 4 games at the higher level during the season.

Affiliating players gives players an opportunity to further their development and gives the team the ability to bring up a player familiar to the team when they have a reduced roster.

No team can have more than 4 affiliate players.

An affiliated player must attend their own team's practices and games over attending a game or practice for their affiliate team, their own team must be their first priority. Permission is required from their own team's head coach and call-up sheets must be signed before they can play a game at the higher level. Permission is not to be withheld without reasonable justification.

Call-up sheets must be submitted for each game when affiliate players are playing up as required under BCLA Operating Policy 4.07.

Minor Box One-Game Permit to Play Up

Call-Up Policy

Coaches, please remember that if you want to call up a player from a team lower than yours you must call the coach of that child before you do so. This is so the coach can keep track of how many games the child has played up for any and all teams.

A call up player must attend their own team’s practices and games over attending a game or practice of the team calling up the player, their own team must be their first priority.

A player may not play more than 4 games at a higher level team. Once that 5th game is played, even if for a different team than the first four games, the child cannot play at the lower level again. Tournament games count towards the four games. We have had situations in the past where the child is called up and does not know the rule. This usually happens in a tournament. We have also had situations where a C player has been called up to more than one B team. If the child plays for one B team 4 times, then just once for another B team, the child cannot go back to the C team.

The coach needs to keep track of all games that the child has played up so the 5th game is not played at a higher level. To complicate things further, if you think the lower player may play for you in the playoffs, they need to play 4 games for you.