Box Lacrosse Scoresheets

Please ensure that you fill out the game sheets by using a ball point pen and press hard because you have to get it through 3 copies. Please do not use a "sharpie". It does not work for the other copies. Click the link below for additional information on scoresheet completion.



It's come to my attention after the start of tryouts, that player's lacrosse stick lengths are not at the ideal length for the height/size of some players.

Most times, the lengths we're observing are too long for the players. When a player's stick is too long the fundamentals of passing and cradling are affected in a negative way, and bad habits are formed.

The guidelines for a player's stick are below. These measurements are from the top of the head of the stick to the bottom of the butt end. (the entire length of the lacrosse head and shaft together)

Mini Tyke and Tyke = 34" - 36"
Novice and PeeWee = 34" - 38"
Bantam and Midget = minimum length allowed is 40", maximum length is 46"
All these lengths depend on the height of the player.

For reference, most offensive Junior and Senior players (men) use a 40" - 42" stick. Defensive players sometimes use a longer stick for reach. So if your player is peewee and under, and using a 40" stick, it's too long.

Sticks can be easily cut. If you're going to tryouts at 8 rinks, they have a saw in the hockey shop right at the arena. Any hockey shop can cut a stick, or you can do it yourself if you have a hand saw.

Team Fundraising

All fund raising that a team plans to do during the season, (other than home game 50/50 draws), must be approved by the Club's executive.  Please forward any fundraising plans to Tom Kellett.

50/50 & Raffle Draws

A Gaming Licence is required by each team for their 50/50 and Raffle draws. Please note that when a gaming licence is to be taken out in the team's name and not using the gaming account of the Burnaby Minor Lacrosse Club. For further info and instructions on how to apply, please click on the following website;

Managers & Parents Resource Documents