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Burnaby Minor Lacrosse Club

BMLC Referee Guidelines

  • Act in a professional manner at all time.
  • Arrive on time, at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the game.
  • Ensure games start on time so that there is always sufficient time for game completion
  • If you are suspended as a player, you are unable to ref.  You must contact your ref allocator ASAP so that schedules can be rearranged.
  • Dress appropriately. Wear a ‘BCLA’ approved referee jersey along with unmarked black pants.
  • During game play, no hats, no eating, and no electronic devices / earbuds. This applies even if you are doing the 30 second clock officiating.


Liz Lego

Referee Allocator

Phone: 604-889-5347

Send me an email

Referee Opportunities

If you are interested in refereeing with the BMLC, please email Liz Lego with your contact info and any questions you may have.  Please note that due to a ruling change you need to be 13 years old on or before December 31st of the box lacrosse season in order to referee. The club is always looking for new referees, especially for the older levels. Parents are more than welcome to give it a try, and we've had numerous successful pairings when parents ref alongside their children.

2020 Referee Payment Schedule

Division Payment per Referee
Mini-Tyke $20.00 x 1
Tyke $20.00 x 2
Novice $30.00 x 2
Pee Wee $35.00 x 2
Bantam $40.00 x 2
Midget $45.00 x 2
Junior $50.00 x 2
30 Sec Nov/PW-Minor & Female $15.00
30 Sec Bantam/Midget-Minor & Female & Jr Girls               $20.00

Rule Resource Documents

Box Lacrosse Scoresheets

Please ensure that you fill out the game sheets by using a ball point pen and press hard because you have to get it through 4 copies. Please do not use a "sharpie". It does not work for the other copies. Click the link below for additional information on scoresheet completion.

This is of more relevance for team managers and coaches, but it is highly recommended that all referees review the video so that scoresheets are filled out in a consistent manner by all parties involved.