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Burnaby Minor Lacrosse Club

2020 Registration is NOW OPEN!

Registration for the 2020 box lacrosse season is OPEN! Please click on the link below to register new and returning players.

To apply as a coach, please click below:

2020 Online Coaching Application Form

Click on the link below to see the 2020 Registration Information

2020 BMLC Season Flyer

***Floor times for teams are not known at this time. Most teams practice once a week and play one home and one away game per week. Actual team floor times will not be made available until March.

***If you require financial assistance please go to and fill out an application. Approval for funding can take 6-8 weeks. If you require funding, please apply, then register in person at one of the two in person dates listed on the 2020 BMLC Season Flyer.


Goalie Gear Pick-up Date:

Thursday, February 20th from 6:30pm-7:30pm

Where: U-Lock Storage located at 4240 Manor St. in Burnaby (near the Grand Villa Casino)

What to do:

- Once you arrive, drive up to the entrance gate and enter our access code (to receive access code email Carla at
- Park and go to the entrance door. You will need to enter the code again
- Locate the elevator and press the 3rd floor. You will need to enter the code again
- Once out of the elevator turn to the left and look for the unit number 1917.
- Joe will be there.

What to bring:

- A post dated deposit cheque in the amount of $1000, made out to BMLC and dated for September 1, 2020

If you encounter any problems, feel free to email me or call Joe at 604-290-7184

Please confirm that you will be coming by emailing Carla or Joe at If no email is received that someone is coming, the date will be cancelled. Joe will only be there if we have confirmation of people coming.


Congratulations to our Midget A1 Team winning BRONZE at the 2019 Midget A1 Provincials!

Congratulations to our Midget B Team winning GOLD at the 2019 Midget B Provincials!

Congratulations to our PeeWee C Team winning BRONZE at the 2019 PeeWee C Provincials!

Congratulations to our Midget A1 Team winning GOLD at the Trevor Wingrove Tournament in Coquitlam June 9th!

Congratulations to our Tyke #1 Team winning SILVER at the Port Moody Friendship Tournament May 26th!

Congratulations to our PeeWee C Team winning GOLD at the Sid Dann Tournament in Vancouver May 26th!

Congratulations to our PeeWee B Team winning BRONZE at the Wayne Goss Tournament in Semiahmoo May 26th!

Congratulations to our PeeWee Girls A Team winning BRONZE at the Adanac Female Challenge May 26th!

Congratulations to our Midget A1 Team winning GOLD at the Richmond Midget Spring Tournament May 20th!!

Congratulations to our Novice C Team winning SILVER at the Coquitlam Adanac Tournament May 20th!!

Congratulations to our Midget B Team winning GOLD at the Ridge Meadows Barn Burner Tournament May 12th!!


300 Pair of Socks Delivered to @BurnabyHomeless!

Burnaby Minor Lacrosse Club ordered 300 pair of LAKER socks through "Your City Sports" and their "Buy One Give One" progam. 300 pair of socks were donated to @BurnabyHomeless.


BC Summer Games Zone 5 (Vancouver Coastal) Midget Box Lacrosse Coaches Needed!
If you are an experienced coach and would like to be one of the coaches with the Midget boys box team at the Summer Games in Ridge Meadows July 23-26, 2020, please contact Mary Clare, the zone 5 rep at Please go to for more information on the 2020 Summer Games.


These are the "confirmed" tryout times located at 8 rinks. 

We have added B tryouts after A tryouts at 8 rinks. All players must be REGISTERED to attend tryouts. B players do NOT pay the $30 tryout fee.

These tryout times are for boys only. If girls require tryouts, they will be held near the end of March at our own arenas once the ice has come off.

If you're interested in coaching or assistant coaching a team, please submit an application. Applications can be found on our website, or email

A Try Outs 2020
Novice A Mon 03-Feb 4:00-5:30 1.50
Novice A Wed 05-Feb 5:00-6:30 1.50
Novice A Sun 09-Feb 2:00-3:00 1.00
PeeWee A Sun 09-Feb 3:00-4:00 1.00
PeeWee A Mon 17-Feb 6:30-8:30 2.00
Bantam A Wed 12-Feb 5:00-6:30 1.50
Bantam A Mon 17-Feb 5:00-6:30 1.50
Midget A Mon 10-Feb 4:00-5:30 1.50
Midget A Wed 19-Feb 5:00-6:30 1.50
Midget A Fri 06-Mar 7:00-9:00 2.00
B Try Outs 2020 - Novice Only
Novice B Sun 23-Feb 2:00-3:30 1.50
Novice B Fri 13-Mar 5:00-7:00 2.00



It's come to my attention after the start of tryouts, that player's lacrosse stick lengths are not at the ideal length for the height/size of some players.

Most times, the lengths we're observing are too long for the players. When a player's stick is too long the fundamentals of passing and cradling are affected in a negative way, and bad habits are formed.

The guidelines for a player's stick are below. These measurements are from the top of the head of the stick to the bottom of the butt end. (the entire length of the lacrosse head and shaft together)

Mini Tyke and Tyke = 34" - 36"
Novice and PeeWee = 34" - 38"
Bantam and Midget = minimum length allowed is 40", maximum length is 46"
All these lengths depend on the height of the player.

For reference, most offensive Junior and Senior players (men) use a 40" - 42" stick. Defensive players sometimes use a longer stick for reach. So if your player is peewee and under, and using a 40" stick, it's too long.

Sticks can be easily cut. If you're going to tryouts at 8 rinks, they have a saw in the hockey shop right at the arena. Any hockey shop can cut a stick, or you can do it yourself if you have a hand saw.

Thank you,
Susan Kirkby


2020 Coach Meetings (these meetings are mandatory for all coaches)

March 12 (Thursday) Copeland Activity Room 7:00-9:00pm
PeeWee, Bantam, Midgets, Junior (boys and girls team coaches)

March 31 (Tuesday) Copeland Lakeview Room 7:00-9:00pm
Mini Tyke, Tyke, Novice (boys and girls team coaches)
Mini Tyke coaches only need to attend from 7:00pm to approximately 7:45pm


Congratulations to our A & B team coaches!

Novice A =  Head Coach Jamie Ward
Assistant Coach Sean Gaster
PeeWee A = Head Coach Diana Launt
Assistant Coach Chris Wilson
Bantam A = Head Coach Jordan Hara
Midget A = Head Coach Jordan Gabriele

Novice B = Grant Morrow
Novice B = Serg Fernandes
PeeWee B = Joe Bell
Bantam B = Nic Fernandes
Midget B = Tyrone Douglas


Important Dates for 2020

April 3-5                                Deschner Days
April 6                                    Midget season starts
April 13                                  Season starts for all other divisions
May 2                                     Photo Day
TBD                                         Mini-Tyke, Tyke & Novice Picnic
End of June                           Season Ends
July 2-5                                   Midget Provincials (Comox)
July 9-12                                 Crosby All Star Novice Tournament
July 16-19                               Female Provincials (Coquitlam)
July 16-19                               PeeWee Provincials (North                                                                        Okanagan)
July 9-12                                 Bantam Provincials (Prince George)
October 27                             BMLC AGM


The 2020 Jack Crosby Novice Tournament will be held July 9th to July 12th.


Novice Boys League Rule Changes in 2020 Season for all Lower Mainland teams.

Novice A1 and A2 teams changing to checking only of the ball carrier. There will be no off ball checking of players. (eg. clearing the house by way of cross-checking) Off ball will be place and push rules only.

Novice B and C teams changing to NO CHECKING. Place and push rules only.

This has come into affect to promote skill development at the Novice level, as well as the retention of players.

Please be patient with our referees as they learn these new rules!


2019 Team & Club Awards

President’s Award Winner
Michelle Romano

Senior Boy Goalie of the Year: Marc Rippberger
Junior Boy Goalie of the Year: Carter Trevisan & Matthew Cabeca
Female Goalie of the Year: Charlotte Manson-Gordon

Senior Boy of the Year: Joshua Gabriele
Junior Boy of the Year: Phillip Marin

Senior Girls of the Year: Emily Kuhn & Ava Regan
Junior Girls of the Year: Nathalie Burkett & Saira Johal

Midget A Boys
Most Offensive: Phillip Marin & Ryan Nagy
Most Defensive: Taylor Nellis & Marc Rippberger
Jack Crosby All Around Player: Joshua Gabriele & Marcus Jantzen
Most Improved: Matteo De Angelis & Giancarlo Garcea

Midget B Boys
Most Offensive: Zachary Chan
Most Defensive: Carter Trevisan
Jack Crosby All Around Player: Daniel Cooper
Most Improved: Jeevan Sahota

Bantam A Boys
Most Offensive: Jeremy Launt
Most Defensive: Arjun Gill
Jack Crosby All Around Player: Ryden Evers
Most Improved: Brendan Walter

Bantam B Boys
Most Offensive: Eric Cao
Most Defensive: Lauchlin Moore
Jack Crosby All Around Player: Julien Munro-MacIntosh
Most Improved: Zishan Pirmohamed

PeeWee A Boys
Most Offensive: Tomaso Biron
Most Defensive: Oliver Ward
Jack Crosby All Around Player: Finn Janke
Most Improved: Chris Hobson

PeeWee B Boys
Most Offensive: Cristiano Chirico
Most Defensive: Elijah Clarke
Jack Crosby All Around Player: Alex Tung
Most Improved: Beckham Nance

PeeWee C Boys
Most Offensive: Josiah Ndubeme
Most Defensive: Ethan Lewis
Jack Crosby All Around Player: Milan Paulic
Most Improved: Markus Delorme

Junior Girls
Most Offensive: Gigi Gaspar
Most Defensive: Justine Johnson
Jack Crosby All Around Player: Hayley Anderson
Most Improved: Emme Dragon

Midget Girls
Most Offensive: Emily Kuhn
Most Defensive: Cassidy Johnson
Jack Crosby All Around Player: Ava Regan
Most Improved: Madison Peck

Bantam Girls
Most Offensive: Katie Khaodhiar
Most Defensive: Charlotte Manson-Gordon & Serena Negrich
Jack Crosby All Around Player: Nathalie Burkett
Most Improved: Jade Nguyen-Schultz

PeeWee A Girls
Most Offensive: Saira Johal
Most Defensive: Meela Welwood
Jack Crosby All Around Player: Saira Johal
Most Improved: Neesha Claire

PeeWee B Girls
Most Offensive: Janelle Suzuki
Most Defensive: Joana Pepe
Jack Crosby All Around Player: Ema Ulinder
Most Improved: Hayden Kok


2019 Jack Crosby Novice All Star Tournament Schedule

Updated at 5:25pm July 7th Sunday

2019 Jack Crosby Novice Schedule

July 4th to 7th at Copeland Arena, Burnaby Lake Arena and Kensington Arena


Tier 1
Gold = Langley A1
Silver = Port Coquitlam A1
Bronze = Ridge Meadows A1

Tier 2
Gold = North Okanagan A2
Silver = Saanich A2
Bronze = Kamloops A2

Tier 3
Gold = Prince George B
Silver = Ridge Meadows B
Bronze = Coquitlam B


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